Terms and Conditions

  1. Indian government is now issuing Mvisa to medical patients and mx visa to accompanying spouse which is valid for one year
  2. Your approval means that you here by agree to be bound by our entire quote, terms and conditions mentioned in package.
  3. We does not control or operate any treating institution (Hospitals/ Clinic/health and Medical center) mentioned in the package and has no control what so ever in running the treating institution and hence Magnus or any of his representative cannot be made liable/responsible for loss or damage of any kind what so ever which may arise due to any act of negligence, deficiency or default in services of treating institution.
  4. The treating institution/hospital shall be solely responsible for all treatments/surgery to be provided by it to the patient and all related queries, opinions and complaints and Magnus shall not be responsible for the same.
  5. Any complaint in respect of the services should forward such complaint directly to the treating institution without any recourse to Magnus
  6. You can choose any tour and travel service to be combined with your health care package and Magnus would be pleased to arrange for you the same.
  7. After the initial pre-treatment consultation and evaluation of your medical records with health care professionals, Magnus would quote you the approximate cost of procedure and you are required to pay to the treating institutions via us to book services on confirmed bases/medical consultant’s appointments and operations theater booking/nursing care/hospital ward or room booking and other medical teams appointments for you on firm bases at treating institution.
  8. Magnus does not have any insurance policy; patients/visitors are advised to seek such insurance arrangement in their home country before commencing to travel.
  9. Medical and personnel details of patients will not be shared with any third party.
  10. We remind you that all kind of healthcare procedures, transplants, replacements or surgical or otherwise carry certain risks and therefore you and the healthcare professional have to agree about the anticipated outcome of the procedure to be undertaken.
  11. After the initial pre-treatment consultations and evaluation of medical records, we would quote you the cost of the procedure. The quotation would include only the services detailed in it. If any non-predicted costs appear after the face-to-face consultations and subsequent pre-treatment medical examination or diagnostic report once you are in India, they will be properly detailed in order to obtain your authorization and consent. Before the procedure you are required to pay for full procedure / treatment cost to the Treating Institution (hospital/ clinic/ health/ medical center).
  12. This medical quotation presented would not include Insurance and any additional medical expenses for the medications or procedures in case of unforeseen complications. Make sure you discuss this with the Doctor before the procedure and or advised to take medical as well as travel insurance before arriving into India for your medical treatment.
  13. The quotation presented would not include life or health insurance as well as travel insurance, international air fare, domestic air fare and India visa expenses etc…
  14. In case of any dispute, you agree that the dispute will be governed by the law of Government of India, you also agree to personal jurisdiction by and venue in the state and central courts of delhi and india. If you do not agree with our terms and conditions. Please do not give any advance for medical and traveling services.

Payment stages

  1. Magnus is not a medical provider and cannot accept payment for your medical expenses. You will be required to make payment as per hospital policy. Usually this involves paying a deposit prior to undergoing any diagnostic tests and/or procedures. A final bill will be presented to you prior to discharge from the hospital. Travel and accommodation charges will be collected as per rules and regulations.
  2. Approximately 20% of total quotation/package in advance (non refundable) along with your approval to pay to treating institutions via us to book services on confirmed bases for you.
  3. You can pay yourself or via us balance payment of 80% of the total quotation prior to treatment, after your arrival into India.
  4. Finally all bills will be made in your name.
  5. In emergency cases patients are supposed to pay full advance payment to hospitals via us or directly deposited to the Hospitals
  6. The refund amount if any, will be worked out and would be refunded to the person who has made payment to us, please note that the refund process
    may take 8 – 12 weeks due to banking procedure.

Apart From all above terms and Condition, wherever Patient feels hospital have not treated them well, we will make sure that entire Magnus team is besides you to fight against the medical centre or hospital in case they have done wrong treatment, which is the rarest case in India. However Patients complain will be thoroughly verified by our second team of doctors in the same field

Magnus Mediii will make sure to make this tour a leisure tour