Omari Ali Sheikh from Tanzania

Steve Wangi from Kenya

A young college student from Kenya gets new life as he undergoes treatment for drug addiction.

People use and abuse drugs for a number of reasons. Some are curious about what the drug may do to them while others may succumb to peer pressure. Easy availability and one of such reason made my son Steve a drug addict while he was just 15 yrs old and still in college. I started noticing signs of depression and rundowns in him. He was not in control of his any sense, even his visual sense was not in his control.

His mood and behavioural disorders were coming out and noticeable every now and then. I had to do something and do it fast. I started taking him to all clinics/hospitals/doctors, even if I had never heard of them but just because someone known referred them to me, I tried many rehabilitation centres for his recovery, but none of these things were working and no fruitful results were in sight.

Knowing that he doesn’t have cancer made us feel little relaxed however, we were more comfortable with the treatment process. After 6 months, when we went back to same hospital Dr Subhash told us there is no infection and everything related to TB and heart functioning is cured.

Our experience with Magnus Medi has left us with his healthy body and fond memories within our heart, We left India with good health, happiness and a prayer on our lips.