Omari Ali Sheikh from Tanzania

Rehemah from Uganda

I was in Nairobi for my breast cancer surgery when I heard about Judith of Uganda and her recovery from breast cancer, who got treated in India. My husband had already heard about the best healthcare facilities are available in India however was not sure how it will be handled and how well it will go. Moreover, we didn’t have any connection in India to fall on during the treatment. When we heard about Judith, we contacted her. She heard the issue and explained how she got the treatment? how she was taken care? Who supported her in India and all the things she told us in detail. She gave us the contact number of Mr Mihir, founder of Magnus Medi from India.

My husband spoke directly with him to understand the services and facilities they provide. Mihir told us about the facilities available in India, when we asked about Judith’s case, he told us about the Ambani hospital in Mumbai in which she was treated in. He explained the process of PET scan which detects and shows the area of concern and degree of disease and stage of Cancer, to plan course of treatment. He also explained how chemo therapy in India is planned based on age, weight etc. These things were not told to us by Nairobi hospital, they had directly suggested Surgery so we decided to take opinion from Indian doctors and start over informed cure in India.

If you have Cancer and need any assistance in India let us know, How can we help you?

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My husband was also worried about the travel and other arrangements but Magnus assured and as we already knew Judith’s case and experience I planned to travel with my sister since my husband was in USA.

When we arrived in India, Magnus was there to pickup us from Airport and they had already arranged for our accommodation. They had created Whatsapp group for us to know the development and to communicate easily, my husband was informed and updated about each development happening in India. We met Dr Archana Shetty at Ambani hospital and treatment started. Mihir was in constant touch with my husband, which assured him that we are in good place and in good hands. We agreed for entire chemo sessions also in India once we saw the way our case was handled and the way Magnus provided services apart from Travel and Healthcare arrangement like shopping and local tour and reminders and arranging medicines etc.

We have already recommended Magnus to two of our known people and we always recommend Magnus and India for any healthcare facility requirement. In this journey we got friend like Mihir and Bhavya in India.