Omari Ali Sheikh from Tanzania

Omari Ali Sheikh from Tanzania

I still recollect the day when we were told that my father has stomach cancer, He is 88 years old and we are from Tanzania, and this news was a big shock and a setback for me and my family. We went to many doctors in Tanzania to get it cured but got no help and hope from anyplace. We were not worried about the money this disease will take to cure but we wanted to hear that there is still some way to correct it and get my father cured. We knew we will have to go for India, And we had already been to Hyderabad once for heart problem.

My cousin, Rafi suggested to meet Mr Mihir of Magnus Medi, he told me that Magnus is in Medical tourism and he met Mr Mihir through BNI. We took chance and shared our test reports with Mihir and He consulted Dr Subhash Agal of Kokilaben Ambani Hospital. Mihir gave us treatment options from US$ 8000 to US$ 11000 and suggested to visit hospital in Mumbai. When we reached Mumbai with my father, our stay and appointments with Hospital was already arranged by Magnus, they even provided services from resolving immigration issues, providing a language facilitator and guiding us through the medical procedure which included a biopsy. Before starting any treatment based on the reports, Dr Subhash suggested biopsy to align the treatment procedure properly.

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Much to our surprise, when we received the biopsy report, Dr Subhash told us there is no cancer in my father’s body and to make it doubly sure he again did one more biopsy which gave us the same results. However, he told us that there is some infection and Tuberculosis (TB). Also, my father’s discomfort is due to some issue with Cardiac functioning. He explained the course of treatment and ensured that disease with be taken care of. Magnus was there in all the steps and whenever we needed any suggestions from them. They arranged everything we needed while he was getting treatment. I could see and feel the improvement in his condition and infection was dying.

Knowing that he doesn’t have cancer made us feel little relaxed however, we were more comfortable with the treatment process. After 6 months, when we went back to same hospital Dr Subhash told us there is no infection and everything related to TB and heart functioning is cured.

Our experience with Magnus Medi has left us with his healthy body and fond memories within our heart, We left India with good health, happiness and a prayer on our lips.