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Mr Baguma

Mr Baguma from Uganda

Today I am free from all pain, I am comfortable and now back to my normal life. But, this was not I was, before I met Mihir from Magnus Medi in Uganda. I will never forget the pain and suffering and how scared I was due to my condition. I was suffering from Fistula since very long time around 8 to 9 years and pain was becoming unbearable. I went to Turkey for surgery but after spending so much and even after 3 surgeries there was no relief. My pain was recurring and constant. And my life normalcy was no where near.

I had googled and read so much about my illness and condition that I started understanding all medical terminologies and processes doctors use. Before meeting Mihir, I had already met Judith, country manager for Magnus Medi, but like others I thought she only wants to sell me services. After so many unsuccessful attempts and money I spent my approach towards any treatment / suggestion became conservative and I didn’t felt like spending any more money or take any efforts for the cure. In short, I had given up on any hope.

One day, one of my friends introduced me to Mr Mihir who had helped his wife with the treatment in India, I was told that he is in to Medical tourism and Magnus Medi is his company. So, first Judith and now my friend there were two people who were recommending me Mangus. But since I had already suffered and spent so much in past I was still not sure about them. Mihir explained that they have very good approach and best doctors, GI surgeon in India, the cost of diagnosis and treatment is very much affordable, he also suggested multiple opinion option before proceeding for any treatment.

We went to two hospitals in Mumbai India, Fortis and Kokilaben Ambani. Both the places were good and I was explained my condition in details. In Ambani hospital I met this young, but extremely talented doctor Dr Manoj Mulchandani. He saw my reports and told me that the treatment will be done in 2 stages and not one.

Initially I thought its just a money fetching process, but Dr Mulchandani explained that If we don’t do in two stages the disease can come back like it was happening in earlier treatments. Still I was not ready to come back for stage 2 and spend money. Dr Manoj explained me in detail that what will be stage 1 and what will cover stage 2 which is very small process to treat my disease completely. On his assurance and knowledge, I agreed for treatment. Knowing that I had already spent so much in past Magnus helped me find cheaper and affordable air tickets and accommodation option. Their attendant Mansoor, a young boy was always with me day in day out and throughout my process of treatment, he held my hand and kept giving me assurance that everything will be fine.

First surgery went very well and immediately after surgery the pain was gone. I was so happy, that I wanted to celebrate it with shopping immediately after surgery .. hahahaha… but I was suggested two days rest before I could move out, third day finally I went for shopping, my energy was much higher and I was very comfortable as if nothing had happened to me.

I went back to India for my second stage treatment and again Magnus ensured that, it is not heavy on my pockets. They gave me the best and affordable options. Everything went smooth and now I am out of pain. God has been kind and I feel blessed having met Mihir and his team.

Mr Mihir and I became friends in this journey. They hosted me very well both times. I recommend them to all my family and friends. Mihir and Magnus, Thank you so much.