Kayla from Uganda

Baby Kayla from Uganda

Like any other day, my daughter, Michaela Keeza (was almost three years and we usually call her Kayla) got up jolly as usual calling me so hard that I could not sleep again after dozing off at 4.00 am and getting up by my husband’s wake up alarm at 5.00 am. As usual, I was forced to begin my day with heavy eyes.

It’s a normal routine for parents to begin with such day when the kids are small and growing with pace. But that day’s afternoon turned black for us. It was the afternoon on which my daughter Kayla was locked accidently in a car parked on the road outside for more than 3 hours in the heat and by the time we realised and found her she was unconscious and not responding to any voice or touch, We rushed to the hospital and came to know that she has lost her neuro cells due to heat and lack of oxygen while locked in car. She had also lost her sight and could not see, move and feel anything. I cursed myself for not paying attention and still feel guilty for her condition.

We went to all kind of neurologists & paediatricians in Uganda but no one gave us any hope on this, few tried there way to make it work and few gave us out right answer that there is no hope. We were running out of funds and options to get her cured and my friends and we started organising camps to raise funds for her treatment. All came to help us, organisations, NGO’s, locals, Friends, Celebs , even Uganda Premier League Defending Champions KCCA FC fundraising function to help us out.

In one of such functions, if I recollect correctly it was car wash event where we met Judith’s husband and he told us about Judith and her newly opened Magnus Medi’s office in Uganda, He told us that they provide healthcare travel facilities in India and Judith has recovered amazingly after her treatment. We met Judith and team and we tried to ask about stem cell therapy we read somewhere. We also spoke to Mihir who is founder of Magnus Medi in India and he also agreed to explore more of this therapy.

He suggested to visit India for consultation and opinion. We raised the funds and visited Mumbai India where Mihir arranged appointments, travel and accommodation. On the appointment day we visited 7 hospitals and after reviewing our case, 6 hospitals gave no hope on this. However when we visited Neurogen Hospital in Navi Mumbai which was around 2hours from our staying place in Juhu Mumbai, after thorough check-up, we were given hope that the condition can be improved if not cured completely by stem cell therapy. We agreed on the treatment and were given few medicines before starting the therapy. We came back to hotel.

It was Thursday night and over therapy was suppose to start from Sunday. At night around 1.30 am when I got up to check on Kayla, I saw she was lying pale, I got scared and was not understanding what to do in this new country. We didn’t knew anyone here to call at so late. We called doctor but the he was in Delhi and could not help us more at this time. Unwillingly we called Mihir at that time and told him the condition, he reached hotel in no time and assured that he will do all he can. He called few places and decided to take Kayla to NEurogen Hospital, at night the travel time will reduce by half in Mumbai and will reach faster. He arranged the transport and we admitted Kayla in hospital. By that time she had recovered little.

The first phase of Stem Cell therapy started and Mihir was always there to keep tab on the requirements, arranging anything required locally, food and made sure we rest. During the therapy we could see the improvement in Kayla’s condition. Her vision was returning and could mutter few words. The therapy was working.

We again went back to Mumbai for Second phase and it helped improve Kayla’s condition more. I could see my baby smiling and now trying to turn and react on, her movements were coming back. We are still in treatment and few more phases will happen and we hope my baby will be better soon. In unknown country and at such a critical time Mihir and Magnus stood by us as family. The hospital and doctors gave us hope and we had no issue during our stay and while taking care of our baby during treatment since Magnus was there for all the other things we needed that time. They keep calling us to know how Kayla and we are doing. All prayers, support from people and timely help from India gave us back our baby.

Our prayers are with all of them and their best of wishes and love is with us.