Josephin from Uganda

Josephin from Uganda

Hi my name is Josephin, I am from Uganda and I am a stage 3 cancer survivor.

“Survivor” this word now seems very simple to me but those days when I was suffering with this deadly disease who was eating me from inside and making me weak day by day I couldn’t even think of it.

My cancer started 6 years ago and I took treatment here in Uganda, however due to my negligence or may be my fear of people knowing about my condition, I stopped it in the middle by taking few sessions of Chemo therapy. After around 5 years the cancer reoccurred in a big way and my condition was getting worsen day by day. My body was losing strength and I started feeling shivering cold and extreme pain. Even when I visited my son in Germany I was weak and cold which made me worried more.

One day, looking at my condition my friend Aidah who is alternate medicine doctor herself and spouse of Dr Mwanje a gynaecologist, asked me what is happening to me. I was hesitant to share my condition with her, she insisted and I told her about my condition. Aidah became worried and she discussed it with her husband and he told her that he had attended one of the Camp which was arranged by Magnus Medi and met Dr Archana Shetty and Dr Imran Sheikh from India, during that Camp and recommended them as they are good. He suggested to touch base with Judith in Uganda for this. Meanwhile, my brother came to know about my condition from Aidah and he also become worried but he stood by me and he supported me. Aidah pushed me and brother encouraged me to take treatment, he even funded my entire treatment cost.

We met Judith and discussed my case, she arrange my travel and hospital appointments in India and I travelled alone with the mindset that I won’t be returning home. I could not even walk and my pain was severed with my 3rd stage cancer. The day I was about to start my chemo sessions, my PET scan was done and it revealed that Cancer has spread to other part of body and it will require immediate surgery, my condition was critical and hospital needed money for surgery. Even if my brother would have transferred the amount to hospital India, it would have taken 4 days for money to reach. In such a dire situation, Magnus Medi, came to my rescue, my brother paid the money to Judith in Uganda and they paid the money here in India.

If you have Cancer and need any assistance in India let us know, How can we help you?

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Before surgery, cardiologist checked my heart condition and said my heart is working at 30 % capacity which makes my surgery vulnerable and extremely critical. Hospital needed consent and indemnity from my family to proceed with surgery however, since I had travelled alone there was no one with me in India who can sign this consent form. Magnus and their team again pitched in and went out of their regular practise, they convinced the hospital based on the criticality of my case to take the consent on email. They arranged to send the consent form to my brother and Judith collected it in Uganda and on email confirmation hospital started surgery.

Surgery went out for 6hours, which I was informed went well. Sanket (Patient Coordinator provided by Magnus ) was with me throughout the process of my treatment, he took care of all the running around, arranging things etc for me. He supported my like my own son. Post-surgery my pain was reducing, only surgery pain was there. I started recovering and was not believing this is happening with me.

God’s help came in the form of my friend Aidah, My brother, Judith, Sanket and from entire Magnus team. Now when I am back in Uganda from treatment, Magnus has arranged my post-surgery treatment in the partner hospital in Uganda for my regular Chemo sessions. They keep sending me reminders for my up-coming sessions and follow-up diligently with me so that I should not miss or leave the chemo in middle of treatment like I did last time.

How can I not think of these people in my prayers? And, how can I thank them for what all they did for me to survive.