Baby Mariam from Kenya

Baby Mariam from Kenya

In Kenya, doctors do not operate children below 5 years and or if the weight is less then 10Kg. Our 11 months old baby needed urgent treatment since he was suffering from a hole in his heart.

We had big question on how to save his life considering the doctors inability to operate at his age. All hopes were fading away and helplessness was crowning on our head. Somewhere someone has once said, “Pray, it helps opening windows of chance in your life when all doors are closed” I started believing in this when my brother told me about Magnus Medi and told me he met Mr Mihir Vora on his trip to Kenya and he provides medical tourism and facilitates arrangement in India. Our hope restored.

We met Mihir and explained the entire situation, he informed that, in India there is no such condition for operating on infants and there are best medical facilities available with many hospitals and there are many specialists which can address our issue and resolve it.

Baby Mariam from Nairobi

After understanding in details about our problem, Mihir didn’t wait for anything and sprung in to action. He immediately discussed the urgency and seriousness of issue with specialist Dr Suresh Rao at Ambani hospital in India, who informed and assured our baby’s recovery on a written statement that guaranteed 98% success on surgeries for infants. There were no words for us to express the feeling we were going through when he said those words. The hope of our child’s recovery became stronger.

Once we gave our nod, Magnus Medi arranged everything so smoothly and quickly, as if they already knew our problem and were just waiting for us to approach them. They took care of bookings, travel arrangements, appointments and even the currency exchange. They also gave us a local attendant so that we can focus more on our child’s wellbeing and should not worry and wonder how and from where to arrange the things required for our stay. Magnus ensured that our comfort and ease is taken care of. They were just a call /whatsapp away. They came to visit in hospital frequently to upraise themselves about our child’s health progress even after the successful went surgery. They spoke to doctors and kept us informed about all the procedures being followed, everything required was just made available for us by Magnus.

They were with us till the end of our journey and still call to ask about his health. They shared the part of our problem as our own family would have done. Magnus Medi guided us throughout the medical journey and seeing our baby fully recovered from the surgery, renewed our faith in the belief that good Samaritans truly do exist and humanity is still there.