My child Alpha was diagnosed with Sturge weber syndrome a neurological disorder when he was one-and-a-half-year-old.


The story is different, but for us, the emotions and care are the same. For the first time we participated in a medical exhibition in Oman.


Today I am free from all pain, I am comfortable and now back to my normal life. But, this was not I was.

Baby Mariam from kenya

In Kenya, doctors do not operate children below 5 years and or if the weight is less then 10Kg.

Omari Ali Sheikh from Tanzania

I still recollect the day when we were told that my father has stomach cancer, He is 88 years old and we are from Tanzania, and this news was a big shock and a setback for me and my family.

Steve Wangi from Kenya

People use and abuse drugs for a number of reasons. Some are curious about what the drug may do to them while others may succumb to peer pressure.

Josephin from Uganda

Hi my name is Josephin, I am from Uganda and I am a stage 3 cancer survivor.

Kayla from Uganda

It’s a normal routine for parents to begin with such day when the kids are small and growing with pace.

Rahema from Nairobi

I was in Nairobi for my breast cancer surgery when I heard about Judith of Uganda and her recovery from breast cancer, who got treated in India.

Judith Sheenah komuhangi from Uganda

In may 2016, Judith Sheenah komuhangi noticed a lump on her Breast which despite setting off muted alarm tells for urgent medical attention want attended to.