Identifying The Best Doctor For Your Breast Cancer Treatment

Identifying the best Doctor for your Breast Cancer treatment

By Dr Archana Shetty Oct 08, 2018

After being diagnosed with breast cancer the patient is referred to a number of medical practitioners and introduced to a team of other individuals such as oncology nurses and registered dietician.

Choosing Your Surgeon

1. Seek recommendations from people you Trust :

Ask friends, family, closed one and the primary care doctor for any referrals on Breast Cancer surgeon. Some hospitals provide physician referrals and a detailed search about the doctor’s background over phone or online.

2. Searching websites of organizations that support Cancer research and treatment :

Medical organizations, medical universities, hospitals and government websites can also help in connecting with surgeons. Indian Cancer Society is one such organization that promotes cancer research and treatment.

Breast Cancer Treatment

3. Check a surgeons accreditation regarding his or her understanding of Breast Cancer :

To get a background check on the surgeon, the best option is to seek out information from Hospitals or the state’s medical licensing board.

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4. Checking a surgeon’s record and licensing history:

To obtain information about any misconduct or legal trials for any medical negligence one needs to contact the respective state’s medical licensing board. However nobody holds the right to all information as a customer/enquirer, so it is better to visit the place or Hospital where the surgeon works in.

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5. Schedule a consultation with your surgeon

Consider taking a friend or family member for rendering an opinion on the information that will be given by the oncologist. One should ask the surgeon all the questions that have been arising lately regarding the treatment. Be crystal clear and understand the information for further re-evaluation of the surgeon’s responses.

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